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The Huron County Medical Care Facility has been proudly serving the community for over 135 years, from the small farm house caring for 10 to a 109,000 square foot facility serving 112. The facility has continued to change and evolve to meet the county’s needs and will continue to strive to serve the residents of Huron County for years to come. See the story in our slide show below!

Care of the aged, infirm and ill persons has been the concern of Huron County since it was organized in 1869.

In 1875, Huron County paid $600.00 for 200 acres of wild land. Thomas Morrow was appointed the first overseer of the property and by 1876, he had cleared off twenty five acres of land. In 1877, a three story house was constructed on the property. The twenty five room home cost $4,000 to build; the property narrowly escaped the great forest fire of 1881, which caused substantial damage to the thumb. The original property was used for 60 years; in 1937 it was replaced by the first unit of the current Medical Care Facility.

The original home, otherwise known as “The County Poor Farm,” carried an average resident load of ten; including orphans, the homeless and the aged. The property supported a farm, staffed by elderly and homeless residents who were in good health. The farm produced different varieties of fruits and vegetables and also housed a dairy herd.

1875 Originally called the County Poor Farm


We would like to extend a special acknowledgement to Arthur Woelke, administrator 1982-1995. Mr. Woelke provided most of the information above, keeping the history of the Huron County Medical Care Facility available for generations to come.

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