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We like to think that we do a good job in serving the community and our patients.  
But it’s always nice to hear what they have to say themselves!

  • I think the medical care facility was a very good place for my mother! The staff was very friendly and did a good job taking care of my mother..The grounds in the back where they had picnics or just taking residents out for fresh air, seeing the beautiful �! My mother always said when I took her out there, she said "they sure do a good job taking care of all the flowers " absolutely gorgeous! She participated in bingo and crafts and sometimes they had people come in and sing! All I can say is they did an excellent job taking care of my mother until God called her home! Thank you to everyone who knew and took care of my mother!

~Sue P.

  • I was very impressed the first day I met with you and your staff at Huron County Medical Care Facility.  You greeted my brother and I with deep concern, compassion and professionalism.  It is difficult to find such a facility that cares so strongly for their residents and their families.  I was overwhelmed after receiving telephone calls from the R.N. informing me of changes in his medications and issues concerning his well being.  I want to thank you and everyone who works there for their daily smiles and constant concern for my brother.  I would recommend this facility to anyone I met.

~Judith D.

  • It was the best place to recover that I was ever in.  The nurses were excellent.  Thank You! 

~Arnold I.

  • We are very pleased with the caring staff, wonderful care, and extremely clean facility.  Thank You!

~Warren R.

  • Can’t see how you can do any better!  You are just great!!

~John P.

  • Your rooms are roomy and plenty of storage.  Nurses and staff respond quickly to my questions.


  • It was a very well organized and professional staff.  My father and I were very pleased with his care and treatment. My father was in the facility and the nurses, aids, etc. were very upbeat, cheerful, and handled everything very professionally. Your service is the best. HCMCF is a great facility.

~Sherry W.

  • I was very happy with all the staff.  Meals were excellent. It was a very upbeat experience.  Thanks to all the staff and employees.

~Margaret K.

  • Every person on every shift could not have been better. Everyone was so nice and I felt like an honored guest.  I hope to return there if I ever need the care.

~Mildred C.

  • The social workers were great and they made everything come together and helped 120%.

~Charles S.

  • We were very happy with the care.  This is an excellent facility.

~Mary Grace A.

  • I had a good experience at your facility.  The nursing staff took good care of my mother while she was there.

~Sally P.

  • The nursing staff was concerned greatly with my mother’s welfare.  I was very pleased. All in all, it was a very good experience.  Everyone was very caring and helpful.  Thanks to everyone! Physical therapy was great.  Second floor nurses on circle were excellent.  P.S.  I love them all!

~Carl L.

  • The only comment necessary would be that if I were “in need” this would be my absolute FIRST CHOICE. All was well for our situation.

~MariAnne D.

  • I had excellent care while a patient in your medical care facility.

~Esther P.

  • When I had my accident and cut my let, they came quickly and bandaged me up really fast. I loved it when they asked me to do painting and other things to help with special events.

~Lucy P.

  • I am convinced that good care helped and made my recovery well.

~Pearl H.

  • I’m very happy with my care and tell  many people and God Bless all of you. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

~Kristin P.

  • Overall, we were very impressed with the care rendered by the nursing staff as well as PT and OT.  The OT care was outstanding.

~Frank V. 

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